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Draw a shamrock and ask young people to add an item that they are Sorry for, Say Thank you for and Please. Taken from the BB Anchors Prop pack Spirit S-1


Sheet A1 paper
post-it notes


This can be used as an Opening Service, or during a devotional period during the evening.

Draw a large outline of a simple trefoil, or shamrock, so that the three leaves are quite distinct. Label one of the leaves ‘THANK YOU’, one of them ‘SORRY’ and the other ‘PLEASE’.

The Talk:

Trefoil (Thank you, Sorry, Please)

‘Lord, teach us to pray ... (Luke 11:1)

Young people often comment that they just don’t know what to pray about. Sometimes it’s helpful to explain that many prayers can be based on the words, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Please’, which have all been incorporated into the following prayer – trefoil.

Have available plenty of sticky labels so that the children can write short one-line prayers, e.g. ‘Thank you for keeping us safe on holiday’. ‘Please, God, help my Gran to get well soon’, or ‘Sorry, Lord, that I was cross with everyone yesterday’. Younger children who cannot write confidently should be encouraged to draw their prayers. Invite the group to stick their prayers to the appropriate leaf on the trefoil. Conclude with a short prayer offering the whole prayer-picture to God.

Address labels are just the right size for a one-line prayer, but if you want to re-use the trefoil over and over again, let the children write their prayers on post-it notes.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack S1


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