M14 Household Items

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Can the young person identify the items found in the home from the description given. BB Juniors Pro Pack Mind M-14




Photocopy the template

Ask young people to fill in the blanks from the clues given as they are read out. Young people could work in Pairs/Teams

Clues Answers
1. The shortened version of this is very cool Refrigerator (12)
2. Could this be an apple? Cooker (6)
3. A place to go when you are tired Bed (3)
4. Could this be a small salute? Microwave (9)
5. Could be upright or cylindrical Vacuum cleaner (6,7)
6. Makes things cleaner Washing machine (7,7)
7. Can I see that again? Video recorder (5,8)
8. Work station or games consul Computer (8)
9. Makes you wet from time to time Shower (6)
10. Water hotter? Electric kettle (8,6)

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack M-14


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