M2-4 Puzzles

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Most of these puzzle games help young people to start the process of elimination and build their ability to see patterns in numbers and shapes, which will build reasoning skills. The great thing is that young people do not view their games as learning since puzzles are fun. BB Juniors Pro pack, Mind, M-2-4


Rope 6 to 8 feet long
Cryptogram template
2 puzzles of about 10 pieces


Activity 1

• You need an even number of players for this game.
• Lay all your lengths of rope onto the floor and tangle them up so that you cannot see which piece is which.
• Then have the children stand on either side of the mess and kneel down.
• They must then pick up one end of the rope and not let go of it or they can tie it into their belt loops or belt
• When you blow the whistle they must all stand up together and find out how to untangle their rope and find their partner by working together.
• They must untangle themselves and move away from the group.

If you have a large group you could do this in rounds so that you do not have to get too much rope.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
The tangle can be made more difficult in preparation or simpler depending on the ability of the group.

Activity 2

Lay out a table with sheets and pens.

• Explain to the children what a cryptogram is.
• Children work in pairs to complete the sheet

Activity 3

Lay out the puzzle pieces face down in the centre of the room.

• Divide the group into two teams.
• Place all the puzzle pieces face down on the floor.
• On the whistle, player 1 from each team will run into the centre and pick up one piece of puzzle and return to their team.
• The puzzle piece must be placed in front of the team in view of the other team.
• As each team member brings their piece of the puzzle back they will begin to match some pieces.
• When all the pieces have been picked up the next player can then run to the other team and steal one piece of puzzle that is not attached to another piece.
• Only one team member can steal at a time, in the hope of completing a picture.
• The jigsaw picture must be seen by both teams.
• The team completing their picture first wins.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
You could put random pieces of other puzzles into the middle to confuse the teams.

See Juniors Pro Pack M2-4 for full details


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