C3 Birds in Your Garden

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To produce a feeder for the birds, allowing young people to see them feeding. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-3


2 Plastic or cardboard Plated (Cheese triangle boxes are great)
1 meter of covered garden wire or strong string.
Bird Seed


Talk to the children about the birds in winter. Try and get across the idea that we need to feed them throughout the winter as there is not much on the ground for them. Show them some pictures of the common birds in your area that they are likely to see.

Make a Bird feeder
• Cut cord into 3 lengths for each boy (approx 20cm).
• Make 3 holes evenly spaced around edge of each plate.
• Thread the cord through each hole in the plate and tie a knot on the underside.

Underneath the first plate, thread on The second plate and tie another knot underneath.
• You now have the ideal bird feed to hang on the branch of a tree, on which you can put bird seed, titbits etc.

Additional Activity:
Boys could draw or colour in pictures of birds. (see C3-T)

See Anchors Pro Pack C-3 for full details


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