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To understand the importance of clean water and appreciate that many young people do not have clean Water Taken From the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-5


Flip Chart/Chalk Board/White Board
2 Transparent Jugs or Glasses
Plastic Cups


• Brainstorm as many ideas as possible for how water is used. E.g. drinking, cooking. swimming, washing, etc.

• For which of these activities does water have to be clean? Why is clean water important? Explain that the water that comes into our homes is clean and safe to drink, but that in many parts of the world this is not the case.

• Have a clear glass or jug of clean water and a clear glass or jug of dirty water. Which would they drink?

To emphasise the differences for some parts of the world, ask two boys to fill 15 cups of water. One can use the tap whilst the other has to go a large distance to collect water in a container to bring back. Explain that some children in the world have to do this every morning.


• Young people divided into 2 teams.

• Container of water for each team at opposite end of hell to at other end.

• Containers have a mark inside.

• Each boy has a cup and they have to transfer all the water from one other, run as a relay.

• First team to fill container to the mark made is the winner.

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack C-5


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