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Find matching taxi and be the first pair to snatch the cup.


The Number Cube/Dice and a Cup or something to hold up.


Set the Cup at one end of the playing area and gather the Beavers at the opposite end. Form two groups and designate one group as the taxis and the other as the passengers. Have the two groups stand a few feet apart. Direct the taxis to secretly number themselves 1 to 6. If more than six playing the taxis have two number ones, two number twos etc. Every taxi needs a number between 1 and 6.

Leader/or person throwing the dice says "It's a rainy day and there aren't many taxis for people to ride in" Roll the dice and call out, "Taxi number two!" (or whatever number is rolled). Passengers, race to find a taxi that matches that number by asking the taxis their numbers. Then the taxi and passenger can lock arms and rush to pick up the cup. After each round, have the taxis re-number themselves. When you have played a few rounds, swap roles so the passengers become the taxis and vice versa. We also play this game near Father's/Mother's day and instead of the taxis numbering themselves one/two or even all of them (just to keep them on their toes) are secretly a Dad/Mum and the passengers have to find Dad's/Mum's Taxi. We say "It's a rainy day and we need Dad's/Mum's Taxi to ride in" and then "Dad's/Mum's Taxi now". Beavers to then find Dad's or Mum'sTaxi and rush to get the cup.


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