B4 Forest and Wooded Area Games

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Before doing any forest or wooded area activity, check them out first. Make sure you know the area and are happy that the designated area is safe to ‘play’ in. Make sure the young people know the boundaries allowed and that there are adequate staff to patrol the boundaries.
At the start of your forest/wooded area activities, put the young people into teams and allow ALL young people in their teams to explore the designated area. Have each team pick a HQ for their team.
Designate a central HQ where all boys meet and which is the finishing point for some of the
games. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Body B-4




Kick the Can

All young people except one are asked to disperse and hide anywhere within the designated area. The young person left behind has to guard a tin can. The aim of the game is for a person to kick the can before the ’guard’ sees him. The guard should count up to 50 before looking for boys. If a young person is seen, the guard takes the can and hits the ground with it, shouting ‘One, two, three I see……….(name of person). This person becomes a prisoner of the guard. This continues until all young people are caught. If any person is successful in kicking the can before being seen, then all prisoners are released. Young people are encouraged to sneak in from all angles and the guard is encouraged to move away from the can to look for young people.

Catch the Spy

One of the teams is given a set of cards with the word HIKER written on all cards except one. The other card has the word SPY written on it. This team is sent to their secret HQ and must choose one of the team to be the spy. The aim of the game is for this team to smuggle their spy back to the central HQ without any members of the other teams catching him. If any members of the team with the cards are caught they must show their card to them. If they are a hiker they can continue on. No members of the opposing teams can be in the area of the central HQ.


This game is played by two teams. One team is sent from central HQ and is allowed 7 minutes to hide anywhere within the designated area. After the 7 minutes the other team must go and find as many of the opposing team as they can within 15 minutes. When a man is caught he is brought back to central HQ and a note of the time is taken. This is done for all men captured. After 15 minutes a whistle or horn is blown and any remaining men who are not captured must return to central HQ as quickly as possible and a note taken of the return time for each man is taken. After the whistle/horn is blown, no member of the opposing team can
hinder or catch those remaining. Reverse the roles keeping a note of the times. With calculations you can work out the winning team.

For full details see Junior Pro Pack B-4


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