B6 Indoor Challenge

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A selection of indoor challenges taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-6


6 Cardboard sheet 2sleds2
3 foot target
Bean Bags
Score sheet
6 paper plates
6 balloons
small table, knife and fork
fishing rod
puzzle pieces
card planks
card board box skates
Plastic bucket


Sitting Lob

Leading boy sits on sled and, using feet, pulls himself toward the line. Picking up the bean bag with his feet he lobs it toward the target scoring 1, 2 or 3 points (scores to be kept). Boy leaves sled at line and returns to rear of team ‘tagging’ next boy as he passes. Keep going until all 6 sleds have been used.

Balloon Dinners

• Leading boy places balloon on plate and carries it to table. He must have one hand behind his back and may only place his thumb on the top of the plate which must not hold the balloon. He may use his other hand to retrieve a fallen balloon but must put it behind his back once the balloon is on the plate.

• Arriving at the other end, he places the plate and balloon on the table and uses the cutlery to burst the balloon before running to the rear of the team, tagging the next boy as he passes.

• Continue until all 6 balloons have been carried and burst.

BB Badge Puzzle

• Leading boy walks the plank to hoop and fishes for puzzle piece. He may take it off the magnet and, leaving the rod at the pool, takes the piece to the table and immediately returns to the rear of the team tagging the next boy as he passes. Boys must use planks in both directions.

• When the 6th piece is placed on the table, the whole team ‘walk the planks’ to help assemble the jigsaw. Leader raises flag when complete.

Note: A BB Badge can be found in the Mind section templates.

Skating ball bounce

• Leading boy steps into ‘skates’ and glides down the hall to the line. Stepping out of the ‘skates’ if he wishes, he tries to get the ball to stay in the bucket. (1 point bounce out, 2 points stays in) Ball must bounce at least once on its journey to the bucket. He uses the skates to return to the back of the team, giving them to the next boy as he passes. Keep going until whistle is blown to end the game (2 minutes?). Winners = most points.

• Leader to return ball to the line ready for next boy, but to leave it long enough to determine that it won’t bounce out. They can also keep the scores.

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack B-6


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