B7 A Day on the Farm

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A selection of games based on a farm setting to be played indoors. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-7


Scarecrow picture
6 Skittles
Cut out Pieces
Duck picture
Washing-up bowl X 2
Masking tape
Length of sash cord
Shepherds crook
2 x pillars for gates
18 sheep cutouts
4 House Door pictures
6 Milk containers
Egg box with 6 eggs


Make a scarecrow

• Leading boy picks up piece of clothing etc., runs to blank picture down the winding lane (in and out of skittles), places item in right place and returns via same route to rear of team, tagging next boy as he passes.

• When last piece has been placed and boy returns to team, team sits cross-legged and Leader raises flag.

Feed the ducks

• Leading boy must negotiate puddles and uses net to retrieve a single ball, leaves the net at this pond, makes his way to the line short of the duck and throws it to fall into duck pond. (Leader needs to return missed balls to first pond.) Boy returns to rear of team, tagging next boy as he passes.

• When 6 balls are in the duck pond and last boy returns to team, team sits as before, Leader raises flag.

Potato Picking

Leading boy picks up sack, avoids ‘mud’ and other vegetables growing in the field by walking heel/toe/heel down sash-cord to pick up any one veg and places in sack. Returning to rear of team ALONG THE CORD, he gives sack to next boy as he passes. Leader raises flag when boy returns with last vegetable and team is sitting as before.

Pen the sheep

• Leading boy enters field via gate, uses crook to hook 1 sheep (branded with team colour), shepherds it to ‘pen’. Returns to team via field and gate (mind other sheep), hands crook to next boy.

• Leader raises flag when all 6 sheep are in the pen, last boy has re-joined team and all are sitting as before.

The Milk Round

• 2 teams to face each other from each end of hall.

• Leading boy picks up a container and, going through his gate, delivers it TO THE RIGHT HOUSE, returning to team VIA THE GATE to tag the next boy.

• Leader raises flag when all containers have been delivered and last boy joins team sitting as before.

Collect the Eggs

Boy at rim collects an egg, runs round the wheel, PAST HIS OWN TEAM to centre of wheel and passes egg down the line. New boy at rim places the egg in the box, collects another and so on. Leader raises flag when last egg is in box and team is sitting as before. Each boy may take 1 egg as they leave the game.

See Juniors Pro Pack B-7 for full details


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