B8 Astronomy and Space Exploration

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A collection of space orientated games taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-8


Small Table
5 Empty Drinks Cans
1 Nose Cone
Moon and Star shapes
Sun shape
3 Hoops
Globe picture (cut into 9)
Magnetic Rod
2 Boxes
Collection of polystyrene pieces
Cardboard box (to make back pack from)


Assemble a Rocket

• Leading boy runs to ‘launch pad’ and places first stage on table before running back and tagging next boy as he returns to back of team. This next boy assembles next stage and so on until last piece is in place. Final boy then retrieves balloon from under launch pad and stands on it to burst it indicating that the team has finished.

• If rocket falls, team keep going, one boy and one piece at a time until re-built. Rocket must be standing when balloon is popped.

Moon and Stars

First boy runs to door following inter-planetary route, retrieves a star, returns to rear of team via same route and drops the star into bucket as he passes front of team. As star drops into bucket next boy retrieves next star and so on. Last piece to be retrieved is the moon which, when dropped into bucket, is the signal for the next boy to take the sun and stick it on the door. The team has finished when this boy passes the front of the team and all boys are seated.

United nations

• Team members will be numbered and must take turns in numerical sequence. • Number one boy picks up ‘Laser powered, solar panel guided, inter-stellar planet retriever’ (fishing rod for short), and, holding magnet, places feet into moon boots (boxes) moves to end and collects one piece of jigsaw. If it falls off back inside the hoop, he must fish again. If it falls off on his way back to the team he may pick it up and carry it.

• When he returns to team, he gives rod to number 2 boy who goes for next piece, rest of team begin to complete the puzzle. Continue in sequence until puzzle complete to satisfaction of judge. Raise flag as signal.

Moon Walk

Boy one puts on life support system (holding cord at chest) moves to end of hall walking only on the footprints, picks up one piece of rock and passes it over his shoulder to land in life support pack. If it misses, he must pick it up and try again. When it’s ‘boxed’ he returns to team (footprints again), removes back-pack, empties rock into bucket and gives back-pack to next boy who repeats the process. Keep going until time is called, winner has highest number of pieces in bucket when whistle blows.

Supply the Space Station

Boy at hub end takes one item of supplies, passes it along team to end boy who runs round rim past both other teams, places item on table, goes round his table to hub end. He picks up next item, passes it down the team and so on. Last item is the flag which is merely raised, not passed down team.

Supplies for the space station might include food, oxygen, water, fuel etc. These could be marked up onto small boxes to symbolise the supplies.

See Juniors Pro Pack B-8 for full details


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