B9 Games For Easter

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A collection of games for use in Easter tide. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-9


Easter Eggs
Plastic eggs


The Egg Hunt

Cut six eggs each out of four different colours of paper. Hide the eggs throughout the room. Divide boys into teams. Give each team a written clue or directions to help them find their first egg. On the back of the first egg, write a clue or directions to the second, and so forth. The winning team is the first to find all six eggs and return to the starting point.

Mystery Egg

If possible, obtain plastic Easter eggs. (Even half a dozen is sufficient.) Fill each egg with a different substance – sand, coins, paper, sweets, rocks, grass, etc. Boys must try to guess what is inside each egg by asking questions. (i.e. Is it soft or hard? Does it taste good? Is it something usually found outside? and so forth.) A variation is to tell one boy what is inside the egg. That boy must then answer questions.

Scrambled Eggs

Cut egg halves out of paper. On the back of each half, write a word or draw a picture. On the next half, write or draw its opposite (i.e. hot/cold, big/little, over/under, etc.). Label the first half A and the second B. When boys arrive, give each one two mismatched egg halves (one A half and one B half). They must find their other half by asking others questions. When the boys make a match, the one holding the A half keeps the match. The winner is the first boy to give away his B half and find the match for his A half. (This activity may also be done with rhyming words, numbers/number words, pictures/vocabulary words, etc.)

Mother Hen

Note: This game is best played outside. If you must play inside, make sure nothing breakable is in the playing area.

Boys should form a straight line. Choose one boy from the line to be the mother hen. The mother hen will stand fifteen to twenty feet in front of the line, with his back to the remaining boys. Mother Hen then throws a ball over his shoulders to the rest of the group. Boys scramble to catch it. When one of them has caught it, they form a line again, and all place their hands behind their backs to make it look like they have the ball. After everyone is back in position, they begin to call, “cheep, cheep, cheep.” Mother Hen must guess who has the ball. He may ask five yes/no questions before making a guess. If Mother Hen guesses correctly he gets another turn (max. three turns). If Mother Hen guesses incorrectly, the person holding the ball becomes the next Mother Hen.

For full details see Junior Pro Pack B-9


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