B13 Healthy Eating

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The aim of this activity is to encourage the boys to think about what they eat. Taken from BB Junior Pro Pack Body B-13


Assortment of Fruits
Paper Plates


Mr Fruity

• Show the boys the fruits and see if the boys can name them. Do they know where they come from? If possible have a globe handy to show how far some of the fruits travel.
• Cut the fruit, and see if the boys can describe what the fruit looks like, and what they think it will taste like. Get the boys to make faces on the paper plates using the various fruits available.
• Now for the best bit, the boys can eat the fruit faces and get a chance to try the assorted flavours.

Food Funsheet

• Give each boy a copy of the template copied onto card; however at this point do not give the boys any pencils or crayons as you don’t want the sheets marked yet.
• You can then ask the boys to look at the picture and ask questions to encourage thought:
1. How many foods can they see?
2. How many of the foods in the picture do they like, which ones?
3. Which foods might we eat on a picnic during the summer?
4. Which foods do we eat just because they are nice, not because they are healthy?
• Give out the colouring crayons/pencils. Ask the boys to colour in the shapes, not necessarily an individual item of food, colouring the shapes created by overlaps could lead to a rather nice pattern.

Closing Thoughts

Talk about why we need to eat fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Talk about where we get our food from. We just rely on our parents getting the food for us. Is everyone so fortunate as this?

Dear Father God,
For boys and girls who have never tasted ice cream or chips, hot dogs or sweets,
Please take care of them.
For boys and girls who will go to sleep hungry tonight because no one has food for them,
Please take care of them.
For men and women who try to get food for the hungry,
Please take care of them.

For full details refer to Juniors Pro Pack B-13


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