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A couple of story games to play. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-14
You can easily adapt these games to change the subject




Copy the templates for each game onto card. Each team will require one set of cards. Cut
these up ready to start.
Teams, or small groups, containing any number of children can play the games. It is more
enjoyable if at least two groups can participate.
Each group requires a leader who has a photocopy of the story; they require a pen for filling
in the missing words and should make sure no-one can read the story either before or during
the game.
A copy of the “missing words” sheet should be photocopied for each group and cut-up in to
separate words. The sets of individual words should then be placed on tables near each
One leader reads out to everyone the story but stops when a blank space is reached, giving
no hint as to what is coming next. At each blank space, a member of each team goes forward
and collects one of the word cards, returning with it to the group leader who writes in the
word that has been delivered.
Naturally the children have no idea how the story will develop so whatever word they bring
back is bound to be wrong!
The leader recommences the story, pausing again at the next blank space: each group
collects a further word and so on until the end of the story.
By the time the story ends, the children will realise they have made some unfortunate
Conclude the game by getting each group to read “their” story (complete with “missing
Then sit back and enjoy the fun!
See Juniors Pro Pack B-14 for full details


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