B15 Simple Drill and Figure Marching

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To teach young people simple drill movements and the basics of figure marching. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-15


Open space or large church hall


This activity could be done over a period of several weeks with sessions lasting no more than 10 to 15 minutes. The basics of simple drill serve as an introduction to the Figure Marching activities that can be used for displays and parents evenings or for battalion competitions. Simple drill can be used as part of your opening and closing ceremony if your company chooses to do this. Some knowledge of simple drill is also helpful if your company takes part in a church parade.

The first task is to ensure that boys know these simple drill commands. Simple commands
that could be taught include “attention”, “stand at ease”, and “left and right turn”. Once the
boys are confident with these, move on to marching including “quick march”, “mark time”
and “halt”.
“Simon Says” is good way to help teach simple drill – and it encourages the boys to listen to
the person giving the commands. If an instruction is preceded by the phrase “Simon says…”
and a boy doesn’t carry out the instruction, then he is out. Equally, if the instruction isn’t
preceded by the phrase “Simon says…” and a boy carries out the instruction, he is also out.
It is useful to have some activity available to occupy the boys who are out. If no other activity
is available, the boys who
For full details refer to Juniors Pro Pack B-15
also 1973 Drill book or Online Drill pack


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