B16 Figure Marching

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To get the young peoples interested in figure marching and try and work on their discipline in general. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-16


• Large hall or open area
• CD/tape player with tunes that boys can march to
• Chalk or masking tape to mark the floor

As with all activities it is essential that preparation be carried out prior to the session. Here are some areas you may wish to look at.
• Consult a pianist if available over the sort of music and the tempo at which it must be played.
• If using a CD or tape player, ask the boys to choose the music.
• Plan many weeks in advance this will allow you to see how you are progressing. It is always possible to change the schedule as you work through if you think it is going too quickly or too slowly.


Young People of Junior Section age come in all shapes and sizes, are full of energy, interested in learning something new, eager to try out something new and above all looking for fun. Figure marching is sometimes looked upon as difficult and boring, both by boys and leaders alike, but in actual fact is neither when carried out properly. With the guide of these simple instructions it is very easy to teach and for the boys to learn. Figure marching can be used for displays, for achievements, for building team discipline or for variety in the programme.

It is essential when undertaking a figure marching session that you know exactly how much you want the boys to do. It is best to keep sessions down to around 10 minutes and not over this time, otherwise the boys will begin to get bored.

The use of music is an important part of this activity but not many companies will be blessed with a musician; it is therefore a good idea to use a tape or CD of appropriate music. The addition of music allows the boys to put a rhythm to their marching and helps them to keep in step.

Some reasons for doing figure marching:
1. If approached in the correct way it can be great fun.
2. All Junior section boys can work together, creating a sense of teamwork within the section.
3. Some boys are naturally rhythmic; others are not so blessed so marching offers them a tool by which they can work on their rhythm and timing.
4. Figure marching can be a useful lead into company section drill, (if this is part of the programme for the older boys).
5. A good figure marching routine that has been well practised is excellent to perform at open evenings and displays, as it shows parents a more disciplined side to what goes on in the BB.

For full details see Juniors Pro Pack B-16


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