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Aim: To alert the young people to the difficulties faced by many BB supervision children in different countries, and to give them an overview of the ways in which the BB as a whole helps. Also, ways in which they can relate the difficulties in different countries to those faced were they live. taken from the Juniors Pro Pack Community C-1
Start by explaining to the boys about the different projects that have been run by The Boys’ Brigade in previous years, such as the ‘Raw Deal’, ‘On The Edge’ and ‘Un:covered’. Obviously in years to come other projects will be undertaken and these may be of relevance to the young people.




Through this discussion topic try and understand the boys’ opinions on the meaning of the word poverty. Possibly beforehand read out a simple dictionary definition of what poverty means and let them try and derive from that their own opinions on poverty and what it entails.
For full details see the Juniors Pro pack C-1


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