C6 Help A Charity

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To inform the boys about the needs of others and provide a sense of achievement by giving opportunities to help Taken From The BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-6
This could be done in conjunction with your church or another section or organisation. The leaders decide upon the charity that it is to benefit. Often a local need can provide a more relevant opportunity than a national charity.




• Sponsored event e.g. silence, potted sports, walk, etc.
• Donation card – collect donations to colour in anchor (see template).
• Smarties tubes – give each boy a tube of smarties to take home, challenge them to bring
them back full of coins, e.g. you can fit £13 worth of twenty pence pieces into a tube.
• A line of pennies – boys collect pennies and arrange to make a line of them in a public
place, perhaps on a Saturday morning, when you might get members of the public
involved. Coins collected to be donated to a chosen charity.
For maximum benefit arrange for the boys to visit the charity or have a representative from
the charity to come and receive the money. This is a good opportunity for publicity.
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C-6


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