C10 Non Verbal Communication

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To help the boys to learn some different forms of communication. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-10
Explain to the boys that there are a lot of different forms of unspoken communication, some of them very simple and are used in their every day life such as a thumbs up sign.


British two-handed finger spelling alphabet template


Boys sit in straight lines, at one end of the hall.
At the other end on the hall put up a sheet per team on which should be all of the British
two handed finger spelling alphabet.
Each boy is told which letter of the alphabet he is. e.g. the No 1s are ‘A’, No 2s are ‘B’ etc. A small group can play this as easily as a larger group. In a small group only the vowels could be used.
When the person running the game signs the boys’ letter, they then have to run to the end of the hall. When they get there they must, using the poster on the wall as reference, spell out their name in sign language and then run back to their team.
As well as using random letters, the person in charge may decide to try and spell words. Boys will try to anticipate what words are being spelled out and therefore words like ‘crows’ and ‘cranes’ or ‘crusts’ and ‘crumbs’ could be used. This way the boys will learn not to anticipate what is being signed to them. A word can also be misspelled just to keep them on their toes.
As well as a game this can be a very good way to teach the boys the Deaf Alphabet. It is possible to teach the boys about some of the other varieties of sign language. A good source of information on this is the ational Deaf Association website: www.royaldeaf.org.uk
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C10


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