M3-1 Colour Relay

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Teams race to collect coloured from the centre of the room and race to get them back to their team. Taken from the BB Anchors Activity Programme.


Balls, Beanbags or building blocks in primary colours. (Squares of colouree card may be used instead).

A hoop or bucket for each team (to put the coloured items into).

A large hoop or chalk circle drawn on the floor.


Place all the coloured balls, beanbags, etc in the centre of the room in a large hoop, or circle drawn on the floor. Call out a colour, the first boy in each team runs to collect the coloured item, returns to the team and places the item in the hoop or bucket at the front of the team. He then goes to the back of the team. Call out the next colour for the second boy and so on.


  • anchors
  • Juniors
  • relay games

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