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A selection of games to include the whole group Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Body B-3




Bean Game
Young people run around the hall. When the leader calls out a type of bean they act accordingly.
Runner bean – run fast
Jumping bean – jumping on the spot
Dwarf bean – run in a crouched position
String bean – skipping
French bean – silly walk
Baked bean (in tin) – all squash into a corner
Not all of the options have to be used in every game. Don’t use too many as the young people won’t be able to remember them all, but don’t make it too easy.

Insect, Fish or Bird
• Put sheets of card in three corners of the room, marked ‘Fish’, ‘Bird’, ‘Insect’.
• The boys jog around the centre of the room.
• Call out the name of a creature. If it is a fish, they sit in the “fish” corner, if it is a bird they sit in the “bird” corner, and if it is neither, they sit in the “insect” corner.
• If the boys sit in the correct corner they get a point.
• Jog again.
• Continue until they have had enough.

• Have lots of names ready.
• Have some easy ones and some tricky ones. For example; penguin (bird), spider (insect), sea horse (fish), beetle (insect).
• After you have called out the name of a creature, give the boys a count of three to sit down. This helps the ditherers to hurry up!

Additional ideas
• Use variations, for example land, sea or air? Call out the names of forms of transport that travel on land, in or on the sea or in the air. For example: Land (car, coach, bus) Sea (ferry, dingy, submarine) Air (plane, glider, helicopter).

• The leader gives directions all the players must follow – ‘touch a wall with your foot, put your ear to the floor’ etc.
• Allow a few moments for adjustments to take place between successive commands as each instruction is added to those already given.
• Those who cannot comply or fall over are eliminated.

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack B-3


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