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Finding out about a Guides' own and helping to organise one.


Ideas and sources (books, internet, CD’s, Guide Programme book) for sayings, poetry, drama, songs, and music on the planned theme.


Purpose/learning goal: It gives girls an opportunity to reflect on something of meaning to them and their beliefs, and learn how to put ideas together for a ceremony.

Background: A Guides’ Own is a time of thanksgiving planned by guides, and usually by patrols, for guides to participate in (actual Guides Own would be around 15-25 minutes)

How to: Girls can plan this in patrols with some help and guidance. Planning should include things like where, when, what to include. It can be planned around a theme, such as water, conservation, friendship, honesty, Decide on the theme as part of a unit discussion (eg you might decide to focus on a water theme), and then each patrol to agree on what their part might be. It will usually include some focus on a part of the Promise, and sometimes on faiths and beliefs. Look to add for some creative content such as drama, music, and a visual focus. You could include songs, dancing, music, mime, drama, poetry, prayers, readings or stories, props... It is traditionally done at camp, but can also be part of a unit meeting. Here is an example:

Theme: Water in our lives.
Location: at the beach or by a river while on camp.
Readings: Search the internet for quotations about water.
Visual: a patrol makes up a dance, art or drama based on a water theme.

Extension: This is a compulsory clause for Gold Endeavour, so it can be programmed each year.
If you choose to include things relating to a specific faith or belief, make sure that this is acknowledged. You might ask a girl to say “this reading is from the Buddhist faith”, or this a prayer used in Christian churches.



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