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Through games develop understanding of global warming, and effect on bird migration and water levels - Added by GGNZ National Programme Team




Purpose: To understand the effects of global warming on the environment - effects on water levels, weather patterns and hence bird/animal migration

Global Warming – Earth is becoming slightly warmer year by year. The difference in temperature between our world today and what was the Ice Age is roughly 5 degrees, and this is a change that has taken place over 5000 years. Climate change now threatens to produce the same amount of warming, the Earth becoming roughly 5 degrees warmer, in as little as a century. Earth is becoming warmer because the world is producing more heat trapping gases to our atmosphere and this is like adding another blanket around Earth that is warming it up. This affects our climate.

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Learn facts and information about global warming and effects on the environment and animals/birds through making up a game such as bingo, “fish” or like a “snakes and ladders” (cards to read when you land on a snake or on a ladder) board game. Refer to files attached for snakes and ladders cards idea and migration facts and information.

This activity can highlight the effect of global warming/changing weather patterns, on bird migration:

Team Game: One team dresses up as the migrating animals or birds. Another team has to get those animals/birds across the migration route drawn in the sand/ marked out in ropes on the floor or grass, whilst another team becomes the extreme or unusual weather and attacks the migrating animals. Using scenario of the Cranes in 'Global Warming - Bird Migration' can help tell the story as the birds make the migration route. Crops can be “ruined,” flooded, suffer a drought, bushfires (careful!) Remember that not all animals become casualties! Suggestions: water bombs for rain storms, crushed ice for snowstorms, flapping sheets for wind, bubbles for fog, etc.

This game also includes other factors that are affecting birds migration and survival

Migration Mishaps - refer attached file

This next activity can highlight the effect of global warming on water levels, you can set up, move on to other activities and revisit near the end of the meeting to see the result:

• Place a large rock (or something similar that will stay at the bottom) in a large container like a washing up bowl; this is the island. Pour some water in to be the sea. Mark the rock for the current water (sea) level. Add some ice, leave to melt or use a hair dryer to speed up the process, where is the water level after the ice has melted? Link result to discussion on global warming is Earth’s temperature becoming warmer, and an effect is ice forms melt sooner and faster, increasing sea level.


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