B5 Hiding and Finding Games

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These work best with fairly large groups and depend very much on being played somewhere that provides good hiding places.. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Body B-5




Hide and Seek

• One or two boys face a wall and count to 100 or are timed while the other young people go and hide.
• When time is up, young people go and seek. Let the ‘hidders’ know when the young people are ready to start seeking.
• The game ends when all the boys have been found.


• Select an area as a ‘prison’.
• A player is chosen to be a prison guard.
• The prison guard (who is ‘it’) counts to 100 and everybody runs and hides.
• Then ‘it’ goes to look for them. When he sees someone, he shouts “I see ‘X’ behind the shed.” If ‘X’ is behind the shed, he has to race ‘it’ to the prison.
• If he gets there first he can go free, if not he becomes a prisoner.
• While ‘it’ is searching for the other players, they can try and run up and free the prisoner by touching him, without getting caught by ‘it’.


• Before the game starts the leader deposits wrapped sweets around the hall (or church).
• Divide the boys into ‘families’ of farm animals e.g. cows, sheep, chickens etc with one parent animal.
• The young people must go out and look for ‘food’ and when they find it must make the noise of their corresponding animal. The parent listens for the calls of their children and goes to pick up the ‘food’.
• The children cannot touch the ‘food’.
• The winning team is the family that collects the most sweets.
• It may be an idea to give the parent a plastic cup to put the sweets in so that at the end of the game the young people can share them out.
• You may wish to add an extra edge of excitement by giving double points for the red sweets or similar.

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack B5


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