B6 Miming Games

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A quiet game for the young people. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Body B-6


Cards with animal family members on Mother, Father Baby


Today I Am
On the leader’s command, boys run around miming/acting appropriate to the instructions given. Points can be given as rewards, for example:
• Today I am a racing car
• Today I am an elephant
• Today I am a snail
• Today I am a fire engine

Find the Family
Emphasise to the young people that they are not to reveal who or what they are until the game starts. The object of the game is for the boys to find the rest of their ‘family’. A family consists of mother, father and baby. Name each family after animals, for example:
• Mother father and baby lion
• Mother father and baby duck
• Mother father and baby monkey
Give each member an animal and say if he is a mother, father or baby. On signal all young people move around the room acting or miming the animal they have been given until mother, father and baby have found each other.

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack B-6


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