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C20 Scavenger Hunt

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Aim: To explore the local area and find objects, etc. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack C-20


• Paper
• Pens/pencils


1. Have the Young people collecting various items which you know are on a particular route or trail. These could include flowers, leaves, common weeds, or objects known to be along the route. Make up clues to make the activity more of a challenge eg. An old weight..................stone, A comic with a wild animal ..............dandelion.
2. Make out a set of questions relating to a particular area. Young people have to go and find the answers to the clues. A time limit could be placed on this. Eg. What colour are the gates leading into the car park? How many legs has the dog on the pillar?
3. Make out a rough map of a designated area. Take some photographs of various things in the area and number them. Young People must find where the photographs were taken and mark the number on their map.


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