CR3 How Church Began

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Aim: To help the young people understand the origins of the church. This can also be used as a display item, and can be performed as a rap with a beat or a rhyme. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Creativity CR-3




The sketch requires as many narrators as you wish, also a group of young people to do the actions, which are printed in italics underneath each line.

People say that church is boring
All do a big yawn

And when you go you end up snoring.
Sleep and snore

The hymns are long and the sermons bad
Mime singing

And all you want to do is run away like mad.
Turn and freeze about to run away

There are lots of churches in this land,
All point and look in different directions

All shapes and sizes, small and grand.
Look down at small church then up at a big one

There’s fat ones, thin ones, round ones, square,
Make shapes with hands

And on a Sunday lots of people go there.
All march together on the spot, hands by sides

Some dress up and look smart and clean.
All tidy themselves, brush their clothes with hands

Other just go in jackets and jeans.
Relax and look cool

But why do they go, what’s the fuss about?
Shrug and look unsure

And why are there so many churches about?
Scratch heads

When church began it wasn’t like that.
Look surprised

It was 2000 years ago as a matter of fact.
All pretend to open big history book and blow dust off

A man called Jesus made a few friends –
All shakes hands and hug

They were cool, they were strong, they were fishermen.
Look cool, look strong and then mime fishing

Jesus helped his friends to know
All listen, hand to left ear

About the things that could help them grow.
Look surprised

He did lots of amazing things for them,
Look up at huge pile of miracles

And when he died he came back again.
Look shocked and faint into each others’ arms

Then suddenly -[Pause]- Jesus went up in the sky
Look and point up into sky

And they were all sad when he said “Bye bye”.
Wave bye bye and wipe a tear away

They thought he’d left them in the lurch
Look fed up and kick the ground

But God helped them start the very first church.
Two make the shape of a doorway, others walk through

It was pretty good too, once they got under way.
All mime clapping and look pleased

Three thousand people joined all in one day.
All squash together

It was a bit of a squash so they met in the street.
Shiver and wrap arms round chest

And they didn’t have pews they stood on their feet.
Sit down then realise and stand up again

And over the years the church has gone on
March on the spot

There’s Baptists, Methodist and Anglic-on.
Count these on fingers

Millions of people all over the planet
Make a circle shape with the sweep of both hands

Go to church today because Jesus began it.
Point up with one hand, do a thumbs up with the other

Lots of people still go, you see –
All nod

Tony Blair and the Queen and everyone in my BB Company.
Speak and wag finger, put on crown, run on spot

And as the years roll along
Watch it roll past

The church of tomorrow still goes on strong...
Thumbs up, turn and march off together in time

For full details see BB Juniors pro pack CR-3


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  • Drama
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