IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Friendship Option 02

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Look at your network of friends and discuss the differences between associates, acquaintances, other friends and good friends. (Me Poster)


Flip Chart/poster
blank paper


To have a deeper understanding of friendship and how to conduct respectful relationships with others.

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

This activity will help each Guide explore her network of relationships.

• Distribute a blank sheet of paper to each Guide.
• On the flipchart / poster, draw a small circle with “ME” written in the centre.
• Inside this circle write the initials of some of your closest friends and invite the Guides to do the same.
• Outside the circle write the initials of others in relation to whether they are just acquaintances (far away) or other friends (closer to you) and invite the Guides to do the same
• Tell them to share their sheet either with their partner or with the patrol, asking them to discuss the following:

Discussion Points:
1. Was it difficult to decide where to put some of your friends?
2. How did you decide? Did other Guides decide in a different way?
3. Is it more important to have many friends or a few good friends?

• Bring the group back together, and ask each Patrol to feed back.


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