IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Drug Awareness Option 04

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Practice making good choices – options, consequences, decision-making.


Situation cards


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This activity helps the guides practice making healthy choices

• Ask each Patrol to discuss a situation and make up a “role play” that portrays making a healthy choice.
• They take turns to act out their “role play”.
• Encourage each Patrol to pass comment or ask questions on the different “role plays”.
• They should think of the points below to help them:
1. Your best friend asks you to try a cigarette.
2. Your cousin offers you a beer.
3. The smoke from a stranger’s cigarette is bothering you.
4. You are stopped outside school and offered drugs.
5. You want to leave a party but the only person with a car is drunk.
6. You arrive at a party and discover nearly everyone is taking drugs.
7. An older classmate offers you money to sell tablets
8. Your younger friend asks you to buy her a pack of cigarettes.
9. You are at a party and someone offers you ecstasy.

Drug Awareness Code:
“Stop, Think and decide to say NO to Drugs”


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