IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Body Option 01

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Identify the important nutrients/ food groups needed for a balanced diet. (Healthy Eating)


20 Cards in 5 different colours each for a different topic


To gain a better understanding of keeping your body healthy

This Badge has 8 options of which 8 must be completed

The Guides will gain information about food content

• Divide Guides up into two teams.
• Team members must take turns in answering questions.
• There are five topics, with four questions on each topic. The questions vary from easy to difficult.
• Easy questions gain 10 points if answered correctly, while the most difficult gains 40 points.
• It is up to the person going to answer if they choose one of the easy or hard questions and also which topic they choose.
• When a question is answered correctly that team is given the card with the points written on it.
• If the answer is incorrect the other team can try to guess the answer.
• At the end, each team adds the total points gained.
• The highest amount wins.


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