IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Mind Option 04

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Learn positive communication skills, both speaking and listening.


Photocopy quiz (printed on next page) for each Guide.
Answer Sheet


To develop and practice having a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 7 options of which 7 must be completed

This quiz allows the Guides to discover if they are able to stand up for their rights while recognising that others have rights too.

To understand this game it would be helpful to explain to the Guides what the following types of behavior mean before giving out the quiz.
• Guides are given a copy of the quiz each. ( see overleaf)
• They only tick one answer to each question.
• When they have completed the quiz the Leader tells them what answer to each question is passive, aggressive or assertive.
• The girls then total the number of times they answered passively, aggressively or assertively


  • behaviour
  • communication skills
  • Healthy mind
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • mental health
  • positive communication

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