IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Mind Option 06

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List ways of dealing with those stresses, and reflect on how talking can help you cope with stress (Clay Pots)


Large bag of Modelling clay,
wooden boards for each girl


To develop and practice having a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 7 options of which 7 must be completed

Working with clay has a very therapeutic effect and is a very good way to get young people to express their feelings

Each girl uses her board to knead her piece of clay until smooth and soft. Encourage free expression and use of their imagination when designing their object. Finished work should be left to dry completely and then painted and varnished the following week.
Unfinished work or left-over clay can be wrapped in damp cloth and placed in a plastic bag to keep it soft.
If you can get access to a kiln, the dried work could be fired and glazed. Special clay is available containing fibres which make it longer lasting when dried. Modelling clay can often be fired in the oven at home-check out the label for instructions.


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