IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Cultural Diversity Option 05

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Celebrate an International Cultural Festival (International Craft Trinidad And Tobago)


 Hair Clip/Grip
 Three Coloured Beads
 Three Strands of Wool


To develop an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than your own

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Introduction International Craft – from Trinidad and Tobago
The Hosay Festival is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago.
It is a solemn festival but with a lot of merrymaking.
People dress up in colourful clothes and braid their hair.


• Brownies plait their wool leaving a loop at the top and about two inches at the end.
• Tie off the plait with a knot at the end.
• Then thread on the beads.
• Secure again with another knot (or two).
• Loop the hair grip/clip through the loop at the top and you have a lovely hair decoration.


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  • cultural awareness
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  • IGG Interest Badge Brownie Cultural Diversity
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