IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Drug Awareness Option 03

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Practice making good choices. (Roly Play and Yes/No Game)


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To develop healthy ways of dealing with drugs in your life.

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Instructions: Activity one
Divide the Brownies into small groups and give each group a card.
The group discuss the situation amongst themselves and decide what they would do.

Each group acts out their situation and the remaining Brownies decide if they have made a correct choice.
They can also decide if there is an alternative way of dealing with the situation.

Activity Two Questions
Divide the Brownies into Sixes. Ask 2 Sixes to make up a list of 10 ‘Yes or No’ question to which the answers must be no. Ask the other 2 Sixes to make up ‘Yes or No’ questions to which the answers must be yes. An example would be “would you cross the road when the red man is flashing? Yes or No?” The answer to this question would be “no”. Have a quiz with your questions
The drug awareness code says
“Stop, Think, and decide to say NO to Drugs”


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