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Identify the important nutrients/ food groups needed for a balanced diet. Find out more about these.(food pyramid)


 Food Pyramid poster


To understand how to keep your body healthy

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Start by showing the Brownies the Food Pyramid poster. Take them through each shelf of the Pyramid, pointing out the numbers of servings recommended from each shelf as you go, and asking the Brownies to identify some of the foods on each shelf on the poster. You may also ask them to come up with some other foods not represented on the poster which would fit into each shelf as you go through them.
Then start the game:
The Brownies spread out to fill the space of the room.
Explain the game to the girls:
The Brownies start by running around the room
After a few moments, the Leader calls out a food; the Brownies must think which food group it belongs to and then get into groups matching the number of servings recommended for that food group, e.g. if the leader calls out ‘Milk’, the Brownies must get into groups of three – because three servings of dairy foods are recommended every day, and milk belongs to the dairy food group. If the leader calls out ‘Bread’, the Brownies must get into groups of six or more – because six or more servings of bread, cereals and potatoes are recommended every day.


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