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Identify the important nutrients/ food groups needed for a balanced diet. Find out more about these.(food pyramid jigsaw)


 Two copies Food Pyramid poster per Six
 Two Sheets of coloured card per Six
 Glue


To understand how to keep your body healthy

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Using a different colour card for each Six, glue two photocopies of the Food Pyramid onto two pieces of card, (you may want to ask the Brownies to help you with this). Laminate each one (optional). Then, take one of the photocopies you have glued on to the card and cut the coloured card into an equal number of pieces, to make one ‘Food Pyramid Jigsaw’ per Six.
Each Six then lines up at one end of the hall with the ‘uncut’ photocopy of the food pyramid. The jigsaw pieces are scattered at the far end of the hall. When the Leader says ‘go’, Brownies from each Six must take it in turn to run and pick up a piece of jigsaw with the same colour card as their ‘uncut’ copy, one after the other. Using the uncut Pyramid as a guide, each Six must make up the jigsaw correctly, getting points for how quickly they finish.


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