Camp Kit List Skills Station

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Activity to help Scouts understand the camp kit-list and the reasoning behind each item on it.


1x Printout of all items from your kit list (for your Leader reference)
1x Printout of all items from the kit list - cut into individual items with one item on each slip of paper
per group of Scouts: Pen, Sheet of Paper


Take the papers with individual kit-list items, fold them and put them into the billy/hat/bucket/bowl

5 Minutes:
Basic intro, we're going to look at the items we're asked to bring on camp. Tell them there will be a quiz afterwards to see who can remember the most.

15-20 minutes:
Sit in a circle with the billy in the middle. Pick someone to go first, have them pick out an item from the billy and read out what it is. Give them a chance to explain why it's important, what it's used for - if they're not sure (or if there's more than one reason) ask around the circle too. Also ask what would happen to a Scout who does not have the given item. Continue around the circle until all items have been done.

15 minutes:
Split the Scouts into groups and give each group a pen and paper. Give them 10 minutes to write down as many things from the kit-list as they can remember.

10 minutes:
Have one group read out everything on their list, any other group who remembered that item should cross it out. Once the first group is done, move on to the second group - until each group is left with a list of the items that only they remembered (i.e. everything on their list which another group also put on their list gets crossed out). Have each group share how many items total they remembered, and how many only their group remembered. Give praise and joy accordingly!


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