IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Mind Option 02

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Identify your own good qualities (Who am I)


Materials Needed per Brownie
 Owl Template (see attached PDF files on OGM)
 Brown Card
 Orange Card
 White Card
 Scissors
 Glue
 2 split pins
 Markers/Crayons
 Photo of each Brownie (optional)


Aim of Badge
To practice having a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed

• Print owl body and wings templates on brown card
• Print feet and beak templates on orange card
• To make eyes: Cut out circles on white card and black card
• Give each Brownie all the above to cut out
• Stick eyes and feet to body of owl
• Stick Brownie’s photo to body
• Attach the wings with split pins
• Each Brownie writes positive things about themselves on the wings of their owl

Alternatively put a heart in the main body part and write the Brownie’s name on it.


  • Brownie Healthy Mind
  • crafts
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • mental health
  • self esteem
  • who am I

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