IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Mind Leaders Introduction

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IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Mind Leaders Introduction




Self Esteem is very important for everyone. It has been shown that people with
good self-esteem are less likely to give in to peer pressure to make wrong health
choices such as smoking.
We live in a very competitive world. It is very easy for children to lose confidence
in themselves because they are not the best at doing some particular thing.
Leaders can help build self-confidence by emphasising the good qualities of the
child and by never saying anything negative about a child. When playing games
Leaders should try to give as much praise to the losers for trying their best as to
the winners. By having a very varied programme you can give the girls the
opportunity to try lots of different activities. By getting an older child to help a
younger one learn something new, you will build up the self-esteem of both
Stress is a normal response to any demand made on the body and most people
experience it, react and then relax. When our bodies overreact and do not relax
after experiencing stress, this is when problems occur.
Some of the stressors young people experience are family problems,
school/exam pressure and peer pressure. The effects of stress can show
themselves as feeling depressed, pains and aches, feeling tired and having no
I.G.G. provides a place for girls to be themselves in a relaxed non-competitive
environment. Guiding can help the girls to deal with the stresses they encounter
in their lives by building up their self-esteem, teaching communication skills
(both speaking and listening), realising the benefits of a balanced diet, of getting
enough sleep, exercise, fresh air, relaxation and the importance of friendships.


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