Dakota Fire Pit

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Making a Dakota Fire Hole is initially more labor intensive than simply building a fire on the surface of the ground. However the outlay in energy required to make a Dakota fire hole is more than offset by its efficient consumption of fuel; it greatly reduces the amount of firewood required to cook meals.


Spade, Trowel to dig hole
Necessary equip to make and start the fire


The concept is simple. All you need to do is dig a hole to put your wood into where you light the fire, and then dig another hole leading to that which will supply the air to the fire.Then tunnel from the fire hole into the air pit. Before you light the fire of course. The trick is to figure out how big of a secondary hole to dig and the dimensions of both holes. Too big and the air won’t flow fast enough but too small will choke the fire. You really need to practice this one. Digging the pits takes longer than you'd think!
Then light the fire in the hole furthest from where the wind is coming from.


  • cooking activity
  • fire lighting
  • fire lighting,cooking
  • team work

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