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Learn and understand the Guide Law so that you can try to do your best to keep it (Law Activities)


10 A5 size cards
10 different coloured candles
set of colour cards (same colour as candles)
Notebook or A3 chart paper


The fundamental Principles of Guiding are those of the Girl Guide/Girl Scout Movement as expressed in the original Promise and Law laid down by the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell. Every girl makes a Promise on becoming a Guide. Guides all over the world make that same Promise. Living up to the Promise is not easy. It is a real challenge. Before making her Promise the new Guide should be helped to understand it and the challenge she has taken on.

Teaching the Promise and Law involves more than having the Guides memorise the words.
The emphasis should be on teaching for understanding.
However, it is also necessary to spend time helping the girls learn the words.
This is best done through games and activities that are fun, challenging and, whenever possible, active.

Leaders must continue to help their Guides to explore the meaning of the Promise and Law in terms they can understand.
As the girls mature, their ability to comprehend the concepts increases.
We must remember to include Promise and Law activities throughout the year, every year, to take advantage of all learning opportunities. As all of us in Guiding know, games and activities are one way to make the learning fun.

The activities (see overleaf) will provide lots of fun ideas for learning the Promise & Law.

Acknowledgement/Sources Trefoil News Sept 2015


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