IGG PATHFINDER: Now you're a Guide 07

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Play a stalking game with your Patrol (Anastasia Stalking game)


 Unbreakable mugs per rescuer
 Buckets
 Chair or stool
 Play outdoors


Introduction The aim of this activity is to reach the Queen and give her a drink.

• Place the buckets of water at different parts of your terrain
• Divide the Unit into two teams
• Half are guards, half are rescuers
• The Queen sitting on her throne in the woods
• Each rescuers each need an unbreakable mug
• Guards are posted around the Queen at least 4 metres away from her.
• Their objective - tip the water out of the rescuers cups.
• The rescuers get water from a bucket and first try and find the Queen
• Then try to get past the guards and offer their cups of water to the Queen
• When (if?) their cups get tipped by the guards they must go back to a bucket and refill.
• If they succeed - groups are switched. Guards become rescuers and rescuers become guards.

Note: GIRLS WILL GET WET (guaranteed). Good for a hot day but not necessarily. Make sure you have some towels and paper towel on hand


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  • stalking, tracking
  • water activity

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