IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Disability Awareness Option 02

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Explain how a disability can affect someone’s life- communication difficulties, opportunities for education and employment, how other people see the disability rather than the person etc


Copy of table (see overleaf)


Aim of Badge To provide an insight into various disabilities

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed


1. Cut the table (overleaf) into individual sections
2. Each Patrol or group should choose one person to be the person with the disability and they are given the top card (in bold print).
3. The rest of the girls are the friends and are given the scenario.
4. Give each Patrol time to discuss the situation and prepare a role play.
5. Have each Patrol perform their role play.

Note for Leaders
It is important to remind girls that the person must always come before the disability e.g. the girl who is blind and not the blind girl.


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