CR21 Easter Calendar

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Aim: To help the young people further understand the Easter story. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-21


• Template
• Card, thicker card for the “wall”, thinner card for the scenes
• Scissors
• Colouring pens/pencils
• Glue


1. Copy the template onto card. Each calendar needs one set of templates.
2. Cut out the two slits in the middle of the wall ensuring they are of the exact height. (It may be best if a member of staff does this for younger person.)
3. Cut out the story line piece of card ensuring that all cuts are smooth and to the line.
4. Colour in both sections using felt tips and coloured pencils.
5. Push the story strip through the holes in the wall.
6. Now glue the tab at one end of the story board to the other to create a cylinder that can then be rotated around to show the story.
For full details see BB Juniors Pro Pack CR-21


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