CR29 Easter Egg Tree

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Aim: For the young people to make an Easter egg tree. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Creativity CR-29


• Plasticine or flower oasis (from your local florist)
• Small tub or flower pot saucer
• Thin twigs or branches, approx. 500mm long
• Green crepe paper or moss
• Narrow ribbon or various colours
• Blown eggshells
• Decorating materials: felt tipped pens, glitter, glue, cotton thread, pieces of coloured foil etc.


1. Collect whole eggshells, which have had their insides blown out. Carefully make a small hole in one end of the egg and a slightly larger one in the other using a large needle. Push the needle into the egg to piece the yolk then gently blow out the contents into a bowl. (You might want to prepare these egg shells beforehand.) You could collect the shells from eggs used in cooking.

2. Decorate you eggs using lots of bright colours and shiny bits like glitter or foil to create colourful eggs. A good decoration tip for younger children is to coat the eggshells in glue then roll them in glitter. You might need a few spare eggshells, as these are fragile!

3. When the eggs are dry, carefully glue a length of narrow ribbon lengthways around the egg ensuring it is long enough to tie a loop at the top. Leaders might need to help with this.

4. To create your tree, place the oasis or plasticine on a small plate or saucer then carefully arrange your twigs in it until they form a small tree like shape. Green crepe paper or moss can be wrapped around the bottom to disguise the base.

Hang the eggs from the branches to complete the tree

As an alternative to using plasticine or oasis, plaster of paris could be used with a shallow flowerpot approx. 120mm in diameter or tub. Arrange the thin twigs into a tree shape, hold these upright in the shallow flowerpot or tub and pour the mixture keeping hold of the twigs. A circle of card or paper in the bottom of the flowerpot will stop the mixture running out. The plaster will set quite quickly. Care will need to be taken mixing the plaster and boys would need to wear aprons.

As an alternative to using blown eggshells, egg shapes could be cut out of card (thicker card works best), decorated as above and hung onto the Easter Egg tree.

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack CR-29


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