CR30 Easter Crafts

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Aim: To make Easter nests and or To make Easter bonnet biscuits. Best done in groups of up to 6. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro pack CR-30


• Shredded wheat (or similar cereal)
• Cooking chocolate
• Chocolate Mini Eggs
• Paper cake cases
• Heat proof bowl for melting chocolate
• Pan of hot water
• Mixing bowl and spoons
• Digestive biscuits
• Marshmallows
• Icing pens or various colours
• Cake decorations (flowers, mini sweets, hundreds and thousands etc)


Easter Nests
1. Break up the chocolate into a heat proof bowl and place this over a pan of hot water, making sure that none of the water goes into the chocolate.
2. Whilst the chocolate is melting, crumble the shredded wheat into pieces so that it looks like straw.
3. Combine the crushed shredded wheat with the melted chocolate.
4. Spoon the mixture into the paper cake cases and shape into nest shapes.
5. Once the chocolate has set, place 2-3 mini eggs into your chocolate nests.

Place the Easter nests onto paper plates and wrap in cling film so that the young people can take these home.

Easter Bonnet Biscuits
1. ‘Glue’ a marshmallow onto each biscuit with a dot of icing.
2. Decorate the biscuits with icing pens and decorate using mini sweets, cake decorations etc.

Once the icing is dry, put the Easter Bonnet biscuits onto a paper plate, and cover with cling film so that the boys can take them home.

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack CR-30


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