CR32 Snowflake Decorations

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Aim: To make snowflake decorations
This is a simple craft and very effective. The snowflakes can be hung on the Christmas tree, stuck onto a window using clear sticky tape or used as a Christmas card design and stuck onto coloured folded card to make a Christmas card. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack CR-32


• White lacy paper doilies
• Scissors
• Laminator or clear sticky backed plastic
• Silver or white thread
• Hole punch
• Silver or white glitter


The size and shape of your snowflakes will depend on your paper doilies.
1. Cut out parts of the doily to create snowflakes varying in sizes from approximately 50mm to 75mm in diameter.
2. Using a laminator, place the snowflakes on a sheet of acetate leaving a 10 mm gap between each snowflake. Carefully sprinkle some glitter onto the snowflakes. Place the other sheet of acetate over the top and laminate.
3. If you are using sticky backed plastic, the same method applies. Be careful in laying the second sheet over the top, working from one edge as you gently press the plastic sheet on the top.
4. Cut out the laminated snowflakes leaving a narrow strip of clear laminate around the edge of each one.

As window decorations:
The snowflakes can be stuck to a window using sticky tape.
As Christmas tree decorations:
1. Punch a hole near the top edge of each laminated snowflake.
2. Thread a piece of silver or white thread through the hole and tie into a loop.

As Christmas card artwork:
1. Stick the snowflakes onto A5 size coloured card which has been folded and creased.
2. Young people can write a greeting inside the card. Some boys may need help writing their greeting.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-32


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