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Aim: To identify and label types of flags from countries in the world and colour them. Also locate where the countries are on the world map. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Mind M-11


• Template
• Pens/pencils


• Copy the template onto card.
• Using the flag descriptions, label the types of flags and colour them.

Australia – A blue field with white stars and a small Union flag in the upper left corner.
Brazil – A green field with a yellow diamond. In the diamond is a blue circle with tiny white stars and a band.
Canada – A red maple leaf in the centre (on a white background) surrounded by two vertical red stripes.
China – A red field with five yellow stars in the upper left corner (one star is large, four are smaller).
Congo (Zaire) – A blue field with yellow stars (one large star in the centre and six smaller ones).
France – Red, white and blue vertical bars (the blue bar is by the flagpole, the red bar is farthest from the pole).
Japan – A white field with a red circle in the centre.
Jordan – Black, white, and green horizontal bars (the black bar is on the top, the green bar is on the bottom). A red triangle with a white star is by the flagpole.
Morocco – A red field with a green five pointed star in the centre.
Pakistan – A white vertical bar (by the flagpole), the remaining field is green with a white star and crescent moon.
Republic of Ireland – Green, white and orange vertical bars (the green bar is by the flagpole).
Russia – White, blue, and red horizontal bars (the white bar is on the top, the red bar is on the bottom).
South Africa – A sideways green “Y” surrounded. The bar above the “Y” is red, the bar below is blue (each is bordered by a thin white line). Inside the “Y” is black (bordered by thin lines of yellow).
South Korea – A white field with a circle in the centre. The top portion of the circle is red and the bottom portion is blue.
Sweden – A blue field with a yellow, off-centre cross.
Turkey – A red field with a white crescent moon and a white star.
United Kingdom – A red white and blue flag with a thick red cross in the centre (surrounded by thin white lines) on a blue field.

Additional activity: Place flags on a map of the world. Could be placed around the edge of the map and linked by string or wool indicating the location of each country.

For full details see Juniors Pro Pack M11


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