C1 Leaves

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Aim: To learn about leaf rubbing with different leaves. Can be linked to a walk in the woods/park. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-1


• A selection of poster paints and brushes
• White paper, coloured crayons, pencils or felt tip pens
• Thin white card
• Thick wax crayons
• Wax candles
• Child friendly scissors
• A selection of leaves – larger leaves work better and are easier for the boys to use


Leaf Rubbing:
Place a leaf under the paper with the veins uppermost next to the paper. Carefully holding the leaf still, rub over the leaf (outline first) with a thick wax crayon.

Patterned Leaf:
Draw around your leaf on white thin card and cut it out (some adult help may be required for the younger boys). Using crayons or felt tip pens in appropriate colours start on the outside of the leaf and follow the outline. Change colour as you work towards the centre of the leaf.

Wax Leaf Print:
Put the leaf under the paper and use a white candle to make a leaf rubbing. Once completed use water based paint to wash over the wax rubbing. The wax will resist the paint leaving the leaf outline.

A Leaf Print:
Paint the underside of the leaf with poster paint. Set the painted side down onto paper and press firmly, holding for a few seconds. Carefully lift off leaf. This could be done with the young people using one large sheet of paper to make a collage of the leaf prints.

Additional Activity:
This activity could be combined with a visit to a local park to collect leaves


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