IGG INTEREST BADGE Ladybird Active Body Option 02

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Complete 3 to 4 physical activities in your Unit including take part in a beanbag game and going for a ramble.


 List of games
 Sports Supplies based on activity


To encourage physical activity

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed

• See instructions for each activity overleaf:
• Beans
• Beat the Ball
• Tunnels
• Mini Assault Course
• Going on a Ramble

Material: None
The Ladybird Guides run around and the Leader calls out a type of bean and the girls have to do the appropriate action.

Runner bean Run around the room
Frozen bean Stand still
Chilli bean Shiver/shake
Broad bean Stand with feet wide apart
Jumping bean Jump on the spot
French bean Wiggle hips and say ooh la la
Baked bean Sit on the floor

Beat the ball
Material: Ball
The Ladybird Guides sit in a circle. One girl throws a ball to another calling the catcher’s name. The catcher hands the ball to the girl beside her. She then stands up and runs around the circle back to her place. The rest of the group pass the ball around the circle. See can the girl beat the ball back to her place

Material: None
Divide the Ladybird Guides into teams of five or six. Line up each team at one end of the room, standing in a line one behind the other with their legs out wide. The person at the back crawls between the legs of her team to the front of the team and then stands up with her legs out wide. Then the next girl crawls through. Everyone keeps taking turns to crawl until the team reaches the other end of the room.

Material : Jacket, Raingear (top and bottoms), Sit upon, Sun cream, Hat, Snack, Drink, Full uniform to be worn ,Runners or wellies
Divide the girls into pairs for the ramble; remember the ratio of 1 adult to 4 children. If walking on a local beach, get the girls to see how many different shells they can see. Depending on the weather and time of the year, you may let them paddle in the sea. If walking in a park, talk about Leave No Trace. Maybe get them to do a bark rubbing or give them sheets of paper and ask them to draw what they can see and hear, during their ramble.
Mini Assault Course
Material: hoops, skipping ropes, balls, chairs, baskets, beanbags
• Divide the girls into teams and lay out a course for each team.
• The first girl from each team runs to the hoop and climbs through it,
• then she walks along the skipping rope,
• Bounces the ball twice.
• Next she takes a beanbag out of the basket and walks with the beanbag on her head to the chair and then back to the basket, throws the beanbag into the basket and runs back to the starting line to let the next person go.

The first team to finish is the winners.


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