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Identify 5 things that make you special (Uplifting Game)


 Soft ball/ bean bag


Aim of Badge
To develop a happy healthy mind

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

Gather your Ladybirds in a circle.
Leader should join the circle and hold a soft ball, rolled up sock or bean bag in her hand.
Tell the Ladybirds that they are going to play a game called, "Uplifting Circle."
Start the game by calling out one Ladybirds's name, passing the ball to that Ladybird
and then saying something positive and nice to that Ladybird.
That Ladybird will repeat the action by throwing the ball to another Ladybird in the circle.
Remind everyone, that they must say something positive and nice.
End the game once every child has received positive praise.


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